Tanzania was represented at the World Hi-Tech Forum this year which took place on 14th October 2010 at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Organised by the British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce (BITE), each year the WHTF focuses on a different country with the aim of bringing countries together to experience shared learning and facilitate technological and business partnerships.

The past two Forums focused on China and India, and this year the country in focus was UAE, drawing inspiration from its Vision 2030. The Forum was opened by Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship and was attended by more than 300 delegates, and was chaired by the BBC Journalist Mr. Nicolas Owen

The World Hi-Tech Forum, for the first time participant is not only interesting but also an eye opener as to the kind of knowledge and understanding of what is going on in the world of technological Research and how they are applied in solving life problems in many countries and in different sectors to achieve socio-economic development.

This year’s World Hi-Tech Forum aimed  at stimulating new partnerships that bridge the academic with the commercial to offer sustainable economic advantage to the both the UAE and UK. Four key themes impacting the UAE were explored. In particular, the World Hi-Tech Forum explored four key themes as they impact the UAE its future, drawing inspiration from the Government of Abu Dhabi’s strategic economic vision for 2030.

Leadership insight from UAE and UK governments, educationalists and key industrialists addressed:

  • the role of national and international government in stimulating technology-based diversification
  • the role of global partnering for diversification and driving national employment through KTPs

Leadership insight from specific sectors addressed the practiced experience of knowledge transfer, including:

  • the role of technology in natural resources (renewable/alternative energy, water & agriculture)
  • the development and introduction of high-technology solutions in UAE homeland security

Lessons that can be learnt from the World Hi-Tech Forum among others include:

  • Governments have a prime need to foster science and technology, not only for the nation's reputation but also for their own needs (as in defence) and for the economic strength of the nation.
  • Global partnerships are essential for countries and companies’ mutual benefit.
  • IT is at heart of the Hi-Tech Economy and therefore the  IT Profession needs to be taken   very seriously as most of our economies today are increasingly dependent on it
  • In today's world, new inventions and their use in innovative products and services are the basis for many new businesses. An essential pre-requisite is thus the existence of a strong science base, whether national or international.

The event was followed in the evening by a Gala dinner at the Science Museum, over which Awards in different categories of technological achievements were presented.